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VacSKEINation Mystery Box

Dosage: A Wee Jab

Price:  $ 39.99 
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Dosage: A Solid Dose

Price:  $ 59.99 
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Dosage: A Big Boost

Price:  $ 89.99 
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Dosage: The Full Dose

Price:  $ 109.99 
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What a year!! We're wondering, do you need a shot in the arm of inspiration about now?  You are IN LUCK!  We have just the Prescription for you! 

We bring you LYS vacSKEINations: a fun yarn surprise that will arrive at your doorstep or can be picked up curbside.  This vacSKEINation will give you the boost you need to make it until we're through this mess!  We are in the Home STRETCH we hope!  Note:  This is a MYSTERY BOX.  **BE SURE TO ENTER A INSPIRATION WORD/PHRASE IN YOUR ORDER NOTES AT CHECKOUT**

How do vacSKEINations work you ask?  

You can tell us with ONE or TWO words something you like: a color, a fiber, a yarn weight, or anything else that comes to mind. Then, we will walk around the store and find you a yarnie surprise to brighten your day.  If you feel strongly about a color you do not like, or a fiber you can't use, please leave that in the notes too.  We don't want any adverse side effects from your vaccine!

You choose the dollar amount you are willing to spend. Then, we will fill your prescription -  your vacSKEINation mystery package.

The contents will always be well thought out and the value will be very good for what you pay, guaranteed.

We love that you trust us to pick for you; each mystery package will be chosen with love and care by the dedicated staff at LYS!   

The fine print: Just like the real thing, we are unable to give refunds or take returns of vacSKEINations.


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