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The Silly Goats Soap Company is located on our small, family farm in the hillside country of beautiful South-Central Kentucky. It all started with the desire to have our own source of good high-quality milk for drinking (and for our coffee too!)  Then we realized exactly how much milk we were going to have left over and thought of ways we could use it. Goat’s milk has been found to be excellent for replenishing oils, vitamins and minerals into dry skin (read more). 

So, going along with our concept of being more self-sufficient and wanting to use more natural products we researched which goats would fit our needs and have personalities that we would enjoy the most.  Our goat milk soap is handmade from the milk of our little herd of Lamancha goats.  We make each batch by hand, using goat milk, palm, coconut, and olive oils, along with various natural fragrances and essential oils.   We use only all-natural ingredients and form the soap in our homemade wooden molds in small batches.

Our Deodorants Without Aluminum Are All Natural & even better.. THEY WORK! Try For Yourself..

We wanted a natural deodorant without aluminum and all of the other toxic chemicals that you get in the commercial brands.  The ones at the store that claim to be natural…really weren’t.   The only thing left to do was make it ourselves.  So we did and know we want to share it with you.

Natural deodorants won’t stop perspiration, but rather use essential oils and other natural ingredients like baking soda, arrowroot and kaolin clay  to absorb sweat and kill odor-causing bacteria.

Note: Our Deodorant Without Aluminum does not contain ingredients that prevent perspiration (your body’s natural way of cooling you down and getting rid of toxins). On very hot days, or depending on your activity level, you may need to re-apply. Please allow your body time to adjust to natural products.


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