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Meet our Potters & Basket maker:

Abagail Wolf: 
"I am proud to craft in the age of mass production.  Machines produce with perfection and speed but they cannot create with artistry.  My work wolf potterycelebrates my connection to a lineage of craftspeople making beautiful, handmade objects that enrich everyday life.

I am inspired by patterns in nature, random repetition and happy accidents.  I'm a little obsessed with the expressiveness of form and the harmony between surface, shape and color.  Every piece is a new exploration in beauty, skill, and function that is the heart of craft.
Ceramics is an ancient and fundamental art form, connecting the basic needs of cooking and eating with innate human creativity.  I'm so happy that my work can be part of your celebrations and daily life."

Carol Mecagni: Carol's interest in art began during her childhood in Quincy. Her father, who was a printer, would often ask her to draw illustrations for his clients. Carol's pottery features earthy tones with patterns, especially those formed by dots. She crafts her pieces with a wheel and by hand. An avid gardener, nature has provided Carol with a constant source of inspiration for her art. She said she's fortunate to live next to the Upton State Forest and Lake Whitehall in Hopkinton. According to Carol, "I focus on using my own value system to interpret images from nature."


Cheryl Allen: Cheryl is a lady of many many talents, that she is happy to share with you. Pottery, rug hooking, needle felting, instructor, & artisan.
Cheryls pottery

Bill Campbell Pottery:  Bill and Jane Campbell began their careers in the 1970’s with two degrees in art and a strong desire to make practical art to use and enjoy every Campbell potteryday.

They began by showing and selling their work at craft fairs around the country, then selling to stores and galleries, eventually growing the studio into the largest Art Pottery in Pennsylvania. Now nationally known, Master Potter Bill Campbell has been creating award winning porcelain for over 40 years, specializing in functional work with elegant forms and rich glazes.