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Meet Our Talented Artisans

CRAFTWORKS was founded as an artisan cooperative in 1979, making the store one of the oldest cooperatives in New England. Individual artisans operate the shop, working as sales people, while displaying their crafts and some even teaching. Stop in soon to check out this brick and mortar "Etsy-type" shop.

CRAFTWORKS is a juried shop ensuring high quality and workmanship of the hand-crafted items that are sold directly from the artisan to the buyer, priced very competitively. Featuring one-of-a-kind, quality-crafted items, perfect for gift giving or home decorating. We are very fortunate to have a wonderfully talented group of artists whose products grace our shelves. Additionally we have a number of small American family-owned companies whose products we carry.

Displays and products change constantly so stop in regularly to check everything out, or click on their pages to view their products.

Do you have a favorite artisan you don't see here? Let us know and we will reach out to them. Are you an artisan/crafter and are interested in joining our team? Check out the application process.


Elaine W. and France T. - Quilting

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Elaine and France's work.
Elaine W. and France T. are two gals who love to sew and to share the items they make. They take pride in their workmanship and use natural fibers whenever possible, and all items are hand or machine sewn by them.

Jan - Sock Monkeys

Find more of Jan's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.

As a sculptor, Jan is fascinated by the imaginary line between art object and plaything. Each of her animals is lovingly created as both a soft-sculpture and a toy, equally at home in your curio cabinet and in your child’s arms. Her approach to the sock monkey - an icon of the inventive American spirit - is to re-create it for a new generation, as living folk-art and an invitation to play. Jan uses locally sourced materials, in an effort to support American businesses and lessen our carbon footprint.


Maria T. - Scarves

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Maria's work.
Maria's scarves are all one of a kind. She travels to NYC to search out the perfect fabrics to work with in her collage scarves, blocked velvet ones and of course her hand painted ones. 



John - Fused Glass Jewelry and Home Decor

Find more of John's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.

John has been interested in crafts for over 40 years. He designs and creates unique fused glass jewelry including earrings, pendants, pins, bracelets and rings. These items are created using a kiln that fuses glass together at 1800 degrees.

He was an active working member of Craftworks Cooperative from April 1980 until December 2017 where he now displays his items on a consignment basis. 

In his retirement, John still enjoys plying his crafts and displaying at craft fairs in the area.


Nan B. - Flattened Glass Bottles

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Nan's work.
As an artist, Nancy B. is largely self-taught. Nancy established her Westborough, MA, studio, Quicksilver Glass, in 2004, and sells her work in shows, galleries, and on commission. She is inspired by the many exciting properties of glass, including texture, color, transparency, and the ability to be shaped and fused with heat. She enjoys working with glass in a kiln to represent the interplays of light and surfaces in nature, and using glass’s properties to achieve the effects she wants, whether it is creating dappled light among the trees, movement of water in a rushing stream, or in giving a fabric-like texture to a bowl.


Buzz - Handcrafted Wood Jewelry

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Buzz's work.
Featherwood is a unique line of colorful handcrafted wood jewelry I've developed and produced for several years, sold mainly at craft galleries, gift shops and boutiques. 

I'm mostly self-taught. Helping my dad with handyman projects, school shop class, construction jobs during college all contributed to a fun hobby over 35 years ago making small boxes and jewelry which became a livelihood. The novelty of woodcrafting for a living has yet to wear off and creating this special jewelry allows me time and flexibility to devote to my family and still make bowls and vessels on commission. I stay grateful I get to do this every day.


Cynthia and Tim of Blue Bus Studio - Jewelry

Find more of Cynthia's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.
Blue Bus Studio jewelry is completely handmade using numerous ceramic and metal techniques.The extreme detail and intense color in the ceramic work results from the use of over 500 different colors of clay in a technique known as millefiori (also called neriage). In this technique, carefully designed loaves of clay are formed from colored porcelains. Next, cross-sections are sliced from the loaves, and these sections are shaped and finished into individual pieces. After sanding and careful finishing, the piece is glazed and fired. Thus, the color you see in the Blue Bus Studio pieces is the color of the clay itself, deepened and enriched by a layer of pure glass.

Gretchen - Jewelry

Find more of Gretchen's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.
Once Gretchen retired from program administration at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, she has been able to thoroughly enjoy pursuing her lifelong love of making clothes for dolls and designing and crafting jewelry, among all the other crafts she pursues. 
The focus on detail in her doll clothing is just amazing! If you’re looking for something different for your 18” girl doll, check out her inventory. 
Her other passion is creating jewelry and has a full line of beautiful, well priced pieces sure to enhance any outfit for any occasion. 



Anne H. - Decorative Painter

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Anne's work.
Anne teaches decorative painting classes and creates her own line of decorative painting packets and books. She has designed and marketed over 75 pattern packets, & authored eight decorative painting books. She is an active member of the National Society of Decorative Painters and the Decorative Arts Business Alliance. Anne's philosophy: "Life isn't about how you survived the storm ..... it's about how you danced in the rain."



Carol M. - Pottery

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Carol's work.
Carol's pottery features earthy tones with patterns, especially those formed by dots. She crafts her pieces with a wheel and by hand. An avid garderner, nature has provided Carol with a constant source of inspiration for her art. She said she's fortunate to live next to the Upton State Forest and Lake Whitehall in Hopkinton, and according to her she "focuses on using my own value system to interpret images from nature." 

Catherine B. - Pottery

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Catherine's work. 
Worcester Center for Crafts provides Catherine studio space where she is able to produce hand thrown, hand-fired pottery pieces that are just lovely. A technique that she particularly enjoys is 'raku'. These functional and decorative items are one of a kind, and make lovely gifts!

Cheryl A. - Pottery and Fiber

Find more of Cheryl's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.
Cheryl is a potter from Rutland, MA. With a kiln in her studio she is able to produce hand thrown, hand-fired pottery pieces that are microwave and dishwasher safe. These functional and decorative items are one of a kind, with a tendency toward the primitive in style and color. When not working with clay, Cheryl enjoys rug hooking, rug punch & needle felting all of which she teaches. Check the calendar for her class schedule. 

Bill C. - Pottery

Stop by and visit our shop to find more of Bill's work.
Bill and Jane Campbell began their careers in the 1970’s with two degrees in art and a strong desire to make practical art to use and enjoy every day. They began by showing and selling their work at craft fairs around the country, then selling to stores and galleries, eventually growing the studio into the largest Art Pottery in Pennsylvania. Now nationally known, Master Potter Bill Campbell has been creating award winning porcelain for over 40 years, specializing in functional work with elegant forms and rich glazes. These pieces go into a cold oven, the freezer or the microwave.


Pauline B. - Pressed Flowers

Find more of Pauline's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.
Pauline's pressed floral artwork is inspired by nature and a flower press or two! "Each pressed plant has a unique artistic quality. My artwork, hopefully, recreates that flower's place in the garden, swaying in the breeze or standing tall and proud. Background papers are selected to complement the colors and textures of the botanicals."


Michael G. - Handcrafted Wood

Find more of Michael's work here online or stop by and visit our shop.
Michael G. creates custom handcrafted pieces designed and engineered with care and precision. Everything is handcrafted in RI and made with the finest woods around the world, like Peruvian walnut, American cherry, African mahogany, hard maple, sapele, bloodwood, purpleheart, or curly maple. 

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