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                Sundays July 7 - Sept 1 
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Tunisian Crochet for Knitters

This workshop is aimed primarily at knitters who’d like to explore Tunisian Crochet—one of the hottest trends in crochet today!

Mary will start you off with the very basics, and you’ll leave with enough skills to work a Log Cabin style afghan block in Tunisian Simple Stitch.

Unlike regular crochet, we start a foundation row of Tunisian with a cast-on, and you’re welcome to use any knitting cast-on you like that’s not a tight one, but Mary will also show you some traditional crochet methods for starting your project. Bring some worsted weight yarn to swatch with, multiple colors if you want to go beyond a one-color basic swatch in class, and we’ll learn how to pick up stitches along row ends, and join-as-you-go along a different edge.

If you have a Tunisian hook, please bring it. In Tunisian, we usually work with a hook two to three sizes larger than you’d normally crochet with, so for worsted weight yarn, Mary usually prefers a “K” or “L” Tunisian hook. We will have hooks to try out, and purchase, if you wish.

Tunisian Crochet for Knitters

$ 25.00