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Sundays July 7 - Sept 1 
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Crochet Bags

Crochet Bags:   Market bags, string bags, project bags, ditty bags, beach bags… So many kinds of useful bags! Mary will help you explore patterns and techniques for crocheting (easy beginner as well as more challenging patterns) and optionally lining (don’t panic, yet) all kinds of bags.

We’ll have a pattern for a self-storing string bag you can keep in your purse for emergency yarn shopping (save a plastic tree!); look at some schemes for turning “granny” squares into beautiful bags; learn about felting (on purpose); discover some tips on up-cycling and crocheting bag handles; and hold onto your hats, how to line your bags, including some no-sew ideas.

We’ll have a rollicking good time, for sure!

Crochet Bags

$ 55.00