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Crochet Fixing & Finishing

Crochet Fixing & Finishing
Do you have a project you need help dressing up, or problem solving, or just finishing? Mary will share some tips and tricks, and help you with any necessary fix-up detective work. Specifically, we will look at various methods of seaming or joining, both sewing with a tapestry needle and various crochet methods.

And we’ll look at edge trims that can add the perfect finishing touch while hiding messy edges and floats. Plus, did you know you can crochet your own buttons? Yes we can! So whether you’re working on a Tunisian crochet project or regular crochet, bring it on in and we’ll help you get it finished in style.

(As a matter of fact, most of what we’ll be looking at can apply to knitted projects as well, so knitters looking for help with crochet finishing techniques are welcome!)

Crochet Fixing & Finishing

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