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Crochet for beginners

Intro to Crochet
Whether you learned to crochet from Grandma as a kid, or you’re a knitter and want to learn how to add some gorgeous crocheted borders to your projects, or you’ve never touched yarn and a hook before, Mary will get you started with this beautiful craft.

We’ll start with the basics and as students are ready, we’ll add some pro tips and tricks to really make your crochet stitches sing! 

Bring some yarn and hooks if you have ‘em, but they are not necessary, as we will start by learning about how to choose yarn, and some of the different kinds of crochet hooks available, which you can try before you buy, if you decide to buy.

This is a skills class rather than a specific project class, so bring your ideas and wishes for what you’d like to do with your crochet, and Mary will get you pointed in the right direction.

Crochet for beginners

$ 55.00