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Carson Demers Sat 21st @ 4PM

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Time to expand on your skills (or learn new ones) Join Shaye as she shares her love of crochet with beginners and those taking a refresher.

Cost: $ 55.00
Come join us for social knitting time... meet new friends, get inspired etc etc.

Cost: $ FREE
Let's have some fun with Mary Scott Huff as she presents a fashion show of her innovative designs. Known for her expertise in stranded color work techniques and designs.

Cost: $ 20.00
Register Now to learn to make socks with Linda

Cost: $ 60.00
Take a trip with Janet as she helps you design your one-of-a-kind jacket blending knitted sleeves and gusset with gorgeous fabric panels to create a signature design.

Cost: $ 85.00
Knitting been on your bucket list forever?? Time to tackle it! Register now!

Cost: $ 55.00
Time to find a new hobby? Try Knitting with Shirley.

Cost: $ 55.00
Time to cross knitting off your bucket list under Sarah's tutelage.

Cost: $ 55.00
Take knitting off your bucket list after you take this class with Dianne, while you learn the basics and move on to other projects of your choosing!

Cost: $ 55.00
Charlotte's classes are full of fun, knitting and crochet - you choose!

Cost: $ 60.00
Time to cross knitting off your bucket list and start working on beautiful things! Join Shirley as she shares her love of knitting!

Cost: $ 55.00
Another of Shirley's classes that meets under the canopy, while students expand their skills.

Cost: $ 55.00
Time to cross knitting off your bucket list and start working on those projects you have been lusting over!

Cost: $ 55.00
A great way to end your day with a class under Shirley's expert instruction.

Cost: $ 55.00
This class is dedicated to teaching the next generation the ins and outs of crochet!

Cost: $ 45.00
We are open and Charlotte is teaching under the canopy!! Yahoo!!

Cost: $ 60.00
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