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Meet the Lovely Folks at Craftworks

Ande started as a member of the cooperative back in the '80s. An avid crafter, there are not many venues she has not tried. In 2011, when the group needed to find a new home, she took the helm. Although the gift side still follows some of the directives of a co-operative, Ande owns the shop. 2012 found us filling the extra space with yarn and bringing a variety of classes and workshops to the area crafters. 
Her goal is to provide the community with a safe, nurturing space to share their love of fiber arts. 
Dianne lives in Boylston,MA and worked in high tech and biotech for her entire professional life. She has been knitting since the age of 14, and jumped at the chance to work at Craftworks after finding out that Ande was looking to add to her staff. 
She enjoys the process of knitting more than the resulting project itself and also loves crochet, cross-stitch, and needlepoint.
Dianne's favorite thing to do at Craftworks is to teach and to help customers fix problems and read patterns. 
Diane lives in Sutton, MA and Vermont. She first visited the shop as a knitter and finds knitting is a great way to relax. Otherwise, she likes to spend as much time as she can outdoors.
Elaine and France of the Bazaar Krafty Gals are longtime friends with a shared love for quilting. France and Elaine worked at K. J. Quinn, a chemical company in NH.  France as VP of Finance and Elaine as HR Mgr. They started off by getting together to sew donation quilts for ABC Quilts in Northborough NH which were donated to hospitals for at-risk babies. They then started the craft circuit during the summer and eventually started consignment in speciality shops.
Elaine met Ande at the Northborough Woman’s Club Craft Fair and she suggested that they fill out an application and drop off a sampling of their products to be juried.  And here we are 5 years later!
Elaine and France love color and work with 100% cotton. They sew quilts, runners, kitchen items, organizers and totes, with the help of a long arm quilter and an 8-needle embroidery machine.
After retiring from program administration at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Gretchen has been able to enjoy pursuing her lifelong love of making clothes for dolls and designing and crafting jewelry.
Gretchen has three kids, eight grandkids and has lived in Northborough with her husband for 48 years.

Rose Ann lives in Shrewsbury, MA and works in a law office. She has a passion for crafting silk flower arrangements, jewelry, ribbon necklaces and crochet items. 
Rose Ann loves finding great ideas for gifts for any occasion. 
Sarah is a registered nurse. She wandered into Craftworks on a random Tuesday morning in early 2013. Ande walked around the shop with her and introduced her to the Tuesday drop-in group, and the rest is history...
Sarah's main passion is knitting, but she also does some crochet. She finds knitting forces her to be more mindful and she also enjoys the sensory experience of it. 

Shirley worked in the Northborough school system as a teacher's aide. She loves handmade gifts and enjoys knitting and teaching. 

We met Stacey years ago, when she was a cross-stitcher and had very young children. She joined a quilt group to enjoy some 'adult time & conversation', and quickly became very proficient! Over the years she has produced some of the most beautiful quilts, and her 'young' children have become lovey adults! 
A couple of years ago, she wandered into the shop to say 'hello' and has yet to leave! Needless to say, her sewing machine is gathering dust as her love of yarn & gorgeous colors is taking over! 
Quick to help you find the perfect gift and next project, you will love her enthusiasm, we certainly do! Stop in and say hi to Stacey! 
Sue works on her pottery in her lakeside studio at her yellow cottage in Sterling, Ma. She first walked into the store after a friend recommended it and loved the warm atmosphere and camaraderie with other artisans.
Sue has been working with clay for over 35 years and is mainly inspired by nature in her work. She loves exposing people to the magic of the ceramic process. 
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