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We can do no great things only small things with great love. (Mother Theresa)

We are so thankful to have Beth & Mary, such dedicated folks to lead this wonderful event, additionally we have such an awesome core of folks who come to knit & crochet for charity  &  more folks who work at home. Our basket and table is overflowing each quarter ... we can't thank you all enough! These donations are greatly appreciated by our community. 

We meet once a month, generally the first Thursday of the month from 10-12PM, to work together and learn new techniques on items to be donated. All are welcome!

Knit One, Crochet Too! Charity Workshop — Q4: September
Fall Q4 theme: Cancer Warriors
September 5: Knitted Knockers, for UMass Memorial Comprehensive Breast Center
October 3: Chemo Caps, for St. Vincent’s Cancer and Wellness Center
November 7: Comfort Shawls, for Brookhaven Hospice
All projects due by Thursday, December 5 at our year-end K1CToo Pot Luck Party, when we will also draw the winner of our Q4 “Thank You” Prize.
For September our featured project will be soft, comfy prosthetics (Knitted Knockers) for breast cancer survivors, to be donated to the Comprehensive Breast Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester. You are also welcome to work on any of the other projects we’ll be featuring this quarter—all patterns will be available at all three workshops.
For more info on the Knitted Knockers organization, check out their website, and Facebook groups:
Approved yarns list and pattern downloads: 
Knit One, Crochet Too! Charity Workshop — Q3: July
Summer Q3 theme: Our Neighbors
July 11: warm hats (and/or scarves, mittens), for Worcester Fellowship’s “Thursday Cafe"working thru the Northboro Junior Woman's Club
August 1: project and charity TBD — stay tuned
All projects were due by Thursday, September 5
Thursday Cafe provides a place where all feel welcome and where the dignity and welfare of all guests are affirmed. For those who may not have a safe place to sleep at night, there is the option of sleeping on air mattresses for a few hours which provides a short respite from constant vigilance on the streets. Along with providing safe respite and spiritual companionship, the Cafe space allows Worcester Fellowship to provide a hot meal, sandwiches, socks, underwear and clothing.
For more info on Worcester Fellowship and their “Thursday Cafe", check out their website:
Knit One, Crochet Too! Charity Workshop — Q2: June
Spring Q2 theme: The Helpers (think the famous Mr. Rogers quote)
April 4: kids’ teddy buddies, for Veterans Inc., Women & Children’s Program
May 2: 1898/2018 hats and balaclavas, for Seafarer’s Friend
June 6: hospice blankets, for local veterans 
All projects due by Thursday, July 11 (Craftworks will be closed on July 4, so we’ll meet the second week in July)
For Q2-June, Mary and Beth are teaming up to help you knit and crochet afghan blocks which Mary will assemble into blankets for veterans in hospice, to be distributed by Brookhaven Hospice of Westborough as part of their “We Honor Veterans” program. Brookhaven patients also enjoy receiving prayer shawls, infinity scarves and fingerless mitts if anyone is inspired to knit or crochet any of these types of items.
For more info on Brookhaven Hospice and “We Honor Veterans", check out their websites:
Some other recipients of our items have been:
St. John’s Soup Kitchen in Worcester
Mistake rib is the knit technique, faux mistake rib is crochet
Hats will be adult size, to fit men or women; any warm fiber, wool is OK, but no Angora/mohair/cashmere/alpaca type yarns; emphasis is on warm and washable/easy care.
Hats, scarves and other warm things, are distributed at lunchtime during cold weather months

Beth’s Hats for Hope
Traveling cables (not crossing cables) is the knit technique, and I don’t have a name for the crochet equivalent, but it’s another “faux” and it’s worked sideways, and is another ribbing technique that ends up looking like knitted traveling cables. So, I guess you could say "faux traveling cables” for crochet.
We would prefer adult size hats for men or women, but kids sizes will be OK too. Emphasis is on warm, washable/easy care, wool is OK, no  Angora/mohair/cashmere/alpaca type yarns.
Beth’s sends hats, scarves and mittens during cold weather months to the homeless and working poor in the Worcester area, works with various shelters and agencies to meet specific needs.