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    Where Creativity is American made...
What inspires you? Texture ... color ... samples ... we have it all!!
Come and be inspired.....
In keeping with the "handcrafted theme" of the gift shop, we offer the largest variety of yarns from independent dyers/ spinners in the area.

You owe it to yourself to stop in and check it all out!
Come check out our newest addition to the yarn selection:
Blue Hills Fibers: 
    Blue Hills Fibers                                                     

My name is Fernanda,  I am Brazilian and live in the Boston area. I've always enjoyed creating things and discovered hand dyeing shortly after moving here.

Every skein that I hand dye is unique and special, it brings me so much joy and peace and to be able to share this with you is an honor. I can't wait to see your creations and projects, take a selfie, tag us!!|#bluehillsfibers| Help me show the world what love and happiness can create. Happy knitting/ crocheting!
Among our other selections are:

 Sheepish Handspun

      Sheepish Handspun presents my beautiful hand blended,  Hand spun yarns for your knitting pleasure. I shop for fine fleeces from sheep raised
      on New England farms. I wash, card and blend fleece and dyed wool roving, or alpaca with soy silk, bamboo, silk and other natural plant fibers.
      I dye the fleece I process with non - toxic dyes. Then I spin, ply, and skein yarn from fine to heavy weights. In addition to beautiful dyed yarns,
      I offer natural color, undyed yarns as Sheepish Naturals. 

      Rediscover the joy of knitting with quality handspun yarn at a reasonable price.                    

Whole Knit N Caboodle Yarns  


Space Cadet Yarns

SpaceCadet Inc: Hand-dyed Yarns for Knitters and Crocheters

Why SpaceCadet? When I was a kid and I’d do something dumb (the way kids do), my dad used to call me “space cadet”. It was always said with love, tinged with exasperation.  There was a lot of love in the house while I was growing up, but I also did a lot of dumb things.  Eventually the nickname started to stick, and I began to feel like I really was a space cadet. Sometimes I still do.So I decided a long time ago that when I finally broke out of the mould of ordinary work to do something creative — something I wanted to be proud of — I was going to name my project “SpaceCadet”. I would baptise that nickname with a whole new meaning. I love what I do. I love creating colours, creating yarns, and giving my customers something beautiful to feed their creative juices.  And so I can say, at last, that I am truly proud to be the SpaceCadet.

 Holiday Yarns
       Jennifer Vancalcar has been dyeing yarn as Holiday Yarns for the past 13 years and knitting even longer. Her yarns have  
       been featured in magazines such as Spin-off and Interweave as well as on the popular show Knitting Daily. Holiday Yarns
       was the “Yarn of the Month” for Yarnbox in December 2013. You can also find Holiday Yarns on The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie
       Pearl-McPhee) Blog and on Debbie Macomber’s needles when her book Starry Night was released, among other places.
       Jennifer has produced over 100 fun and eye catching colors over the years and continues to come up with more everyday!

    Indie dyer and fiber artist specializing in hand painted yarn bowls, hand dyed yarn and hand dyed roving,
    located in Dallastown, PA, specializing in high quality hand dyed yarn for knitters and crocheters all over the                                 

 Yarns by Rhichard Devrieze   

The Yarns of Richard Devrieze                                             
    With fiber dyeing in his genes, Rhichard's journey to master dyer and beyond has incorporated involvement in hand-spinning, hand- 
    weaving a line of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories, shepherding a flock of merinos, and dancing in the creation of colourways        inspired by experience and imagination. Let your imagination soar incorporating his yarns in your project.            
Claudia Hand Paint Yarns  

     Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy are the words that run through my mind as I knit a scarf for my stepdaughter. Saying the words over and over again,
     they became a prayer. I wanted to impart these qualities into the garment itself and through the garment to the wearer. 

    This is why I knit and dye yarns. It is an almost compulsive need to make physical my feelings so that I may share them.
    While I had begun dyeing yarn a couple of years earlier, the company was incorporated and formally set up in 2005, running out of the basement of my home.
     By 2007, we had acquired a small commercial space — and we are still there today.
We dye by hand all of the yarns we sell.
     Be warned, they are dyed with Peace, 
     Love, Comfort & Joy; may they be yours as well.

The Periwinkle Sheep               

Periwinkle Sheep

      Karin Maag-Tanchak has been knitting since the second grade and owned a local yarn shop before becoming a yarn dyer. 

      All her yarns are lovingly hand dyed in small batches in her studio in Albany, NY, and carried by a select few shops. 


A Hundred Ravens   

             Kate has worked as a game designer and moved into creating glorious colorways of a variety of yarns
             to personify the games.  
              We carry a wide variety of their luscious yarns.