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August 2017

August 22, 2017 
Craftworks Newsletter
Where Gifts are passionately handmade in US

I hope you have been able to enjoy some of this glorious summer - last Sunday was just a perfect day! 

Fall and fall schedules are right around the corner - is this when you are going to make time to learn a new craft or take up an old favorite again? The holidays will be here before you know it - time to get started on those gifts! 

Be sure to stop in, check out new class samples which include a number of items that can be finished for gift giving, some of our new yarns and of course all our new shop inventory.

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New items that have arrived in the past 2 weeks include:  

Tiles that Bring Smiles:  a new technique was used that enhances the calligraphy in the fused piece. Lovely selection of colors and of course sayings for most occasions.   

Handblown 'child vases" and glass hugs: these lovely pieces are perfect for those small flowers and of course who cannot use a hug now and then?  


We also received a new shipment of

Clay pieces that include vases,find them around the shop with gorgeous flowers in them!
That shipment also included small mirrors, toothpick hedgehogs and more pens. 

More Campbell Pottery arrived, perfect gifts for those fall weddings and other special occasions.  

And of course our talented crafters have started bringing in fall inventory!!  I love this time of year come check it all out!   


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Our New Arrivals include Twizzlefoot from Mountain Colors and Baah Yarns "La Jolla" - fun colors. Check out what we have made up in these great yarns.  


The September schedule is ready for download from the website - or make life simple and just register online! Easy simple process with our new website! 

Did you pick up a Challenge Bag over the summer??  How is it coming along?  Remember items must be submitted by Sept 5th. Voting will be done during the Yarn Crawl - speaking of which - passports for the Yarn Crawl have arrived - however - the project bags will not be ready until Monday Aug 28th - so - stop in and pick up a passport now with an IOU for the bag - or just wait till Monday the 28th.  


Thanks again for supporting our shop and small business in America!


We are passionate about our crafts and love bringing them to you.   


See you soon!


ande, artisans and instructors @ Craftworks




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