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Beginner & Beyond Crochet (Dec-Mary)

This is Mary’s Tuesday "Continuing Beginner Crochet” group, in which we will continue to expand on our crochet skills and explore new projects.

This will be a rolling start class, so sign up now, even if the class is full, and get on the waiting list so you can join us as space becomes available.

This is the class for you if you learned to crochet as a kid but want help remembering how, or if you’ve never crocheted before. Mary will make sure you’re solid with the basics, help you overcome bad habits, and help you advance your skills and crochet knowledge. What we accomplish in this class will be very much driven by students' interests and motivation, so think about what you want to learn, and be prepared to practice.

But no worries, because we always have FUN! Bring some yarn and hooks if you have ‘em, but they are not necessary, as we will start by learning how to read a yarn label and discover which are the easiest yarns to learn how to crochet with, and we’ll learn about some of the different kinds of crochet hooks, which you can try before you buy, if you decide to buy.

Beginner & Beyond Crochet (Dec-Mary)

$ 30.00