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Reversible Intarsia Crochet

There are so many methods of doing color work in crochet: tapestry, mosaic, stranded Fair Isle, and overlay, to name a few. Most of these do not render a fabric that's attractive on both sides, so are usually limited to one-sided items like hats, bags or coasters.

Laurinda Reddig has come up with an adaptation of the intarsia method that renders a truly reversible fabric with the same pattern or image on both sides. Mary will introduce you to Laurinda's method, which is covered in great detail in her book "Reversible Color Crochet".

We will work on small projects in class that would be suitable for coasters or trivets, but could easily be adapted to larger blocks for afghans or other projects. Even if you're not interested in making a large project in intarsia, these methods for making nearly invisible color changes can enhance your crochet color work using other methods, so come explore this new perspective on crochet color work with us!

Reversible Intarsia Crochet

$ 55.00