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Crochet Knot Knit Stitch Cowl

Knot Knit Slip Stitch Cowl
In crochet, we usually think of the slip stitch only as a means of joining, or moving our yarn over to save cutting and restarting with a new piece of yarn. But the slip stitch, the shortest crochet stitch, also makes beautiful fabric, ranging from springy ribbing, all the way to believe-it-or-not drapy lace!

Slip stitch crochet is a huge topic that we could explore for months, but Mary will help you get started with this simple and quick cowl that would make a great last minute holiday gift. (It's "quick" because we'll use bulky yarn and a gigantic hook!)

We'll learn some techniques that will make your work easier and more beautiful, a seaming method that doesn't require the use of a tapestry needle and avoids weaving in extra ends, and we'll look at how we can customize our project. We'll also get an overview of some of the vast number of different fabrics that can be created with this humble stitch, just to whet your appetite for more!

Crochet Knot Knit Stitch Cowl

$ 40.00