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Meet The Artisans:
Jan Wilcox - Luminosity glass artist:
Jan is a self-taught glass artist of objects to wear or use. Now residing in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, surrounded by abundant flower, vegetable and wildlife gardens which are a short backyard stroll from the wild woods and mountain river. Her one of a kind, art jewelry pieces are handmade of fused, dichroic glass. Each piece is composed of Stained Glass and Dichroic Glass (the luminous glass). Check out her jewelry and fused pocket vases. 
2018 finds us welcoming Abigail, our newest potter.

"I am proud to craft in the age of mass production.  Machines produce with perfection and speed but they cannot create with artistry.  My work celebrates my connection to a lineage of craftspeople making beautiful, handmade objects that enrich everyday life.

I am inspired by patterns in nature, random repetition and happy accidents.  I'm a little obsessed with the expressiveness of form and the harmony between surface, shape and color.  Every piece is a new exploration in beauty, skill, and function that is the heart of craft.

Ceramics is an ancient and fundamental art form, connecting the basic needs of cooking and eating with innate human creativity.  I'm so happy that my work can be part of your celebrations and daily life."
Stop in soon to check out her work!