Craftworks started as an artisan cooperative founded in 1979, making the store one of the oldest cooperatives in New England. As a cooperative, individual artisans operated the shop, including having worked as sales people, while displaying their crafts.

In our day-to-day operations, we continue to operated the Artisan Gift Shop as a cooperative, with various crafters working in the shop to answer your questions and help you find that perfect handmade gift for any occasion.

The shop displays the work of over 85 artisans, including stained glass workers, jewelers, fabric artists, a calligrapher, potters, wood-workers, knitters, and much more. All work available in the shop is hand crafted, and since it is sold directly from the artisan to the buyer, priced very competitively. Craftworks is a juried shop, which means that all work is reviewed and voted upon by the artisan members before it is allowed to be sold. This ensures high quality items, and very competitive pricing for top-quality handmade gifts.

The artisans at Craftworks are motivated by the love of their craft, and their desire to offer a unique shopping experience to individuals interested in purchasing handcrafted items and gifts.

We are always available to create special orders and to review the work of others who may be interested in being part of a successful Artisan Gift Shop.

Starting November 2011, we have relocated and now have so much more space in which to offer so much more! Although when we moved we had the space to offer sewing and a variety of craft classes, that is no longer the case. We have reduced our space and now just host a growing  Yarn and Fiber Art shop, including classes and a wide variety of beautiful yarns, wool fabric, various sundries and supplies.

Tired of the malls and the same old stuff? Then visit Craftworks at 243 West Main Street (Rte 20) in Northborough for that special gift for you, your family and friends.

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